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French Immersion Preschool est.2014


OPEN HOUSE: SAT. 01/20/2024 10am-12pm

La Maternelle de Seattle is a small French Immersion Preschool, located in South Beacon Hill, serving children ages 3 to 5y old.

"Parlez-vous Français? Non peut-être!"

Our Approach

We believe that children learn best through play and hands-on activities.


Our approach is based from what we feel is best from different pedagogies : the Reggio Emilia approach, the HighScope Curriculum, and the official French/Belgian "programme de competences maternelle"

At La Maternelle de Seattle, we use the HighScope curriculum. Beginning with the Perry Preschool Study, HighScope revolutionized early childhood education with a new approach to teaching and learning. Research based and child focused, the HighScope Curriculum uses a carefully designed process called “active learning ” — to achieve powerful, positive outcomes.

Children will make up their plan daily : where/what/how do they plan on working.

They will have then 45 minutes of uninterrupted play/work time to accomplish their plan, and will then share their plans with their teacher and classmate (recall).

After attending the Regio Emilia international study group in Italy in 2018, and having the honor of visiting teachers and classrooms there, we truly believe the  importance of the classroom as third teacher, the need for children to experience diverse mediums to learn to express themselves, trough guided provocations set up by the teacher. Children are natural learners, but still need the gentle and loving direction from a teacher to fully develop their potentials.

“We love to get our little hands busy” and yes, sometimes dirty too! We will be making a lot of arts and crafts projects throughout the year. Cooking, using produce from our vegetable garden, will be a big part of our learning too!

We maintain a low teacher-child ratio to have a successful immersion program, and our teacher is a French native speaker who will communicate with the children 90% of the time exclusively in French, 10% in English.


 At La Maternelle de Seattle, we base our teaching and learning by designing activities around the 6 core areas (“Domaines de compétences”) used in the French preschool system (“L'école Maternelle”).

 Those 6 areas of expertises are :

  •          "S'approprier le langage” (Get familiar with the language)              

  • “Découvrir l'écrit”“ (Discover the written language ),

  • ”Devenir élève (Become a student),

  • “Agir et s'exprimer avec son corps” ( Act and express ourself with our body),

  • “Découvrir le monde” (Discover the world),

  • “Percevoir, sentir, imaginer, créer” (Perceive, sense, imagine, create)

Lots of Outdoor Fun!

We are lucky that our preschool sits on a huge backyard, fillled with fruits trees, berries and a big vegtable garden right in the middle of the city!And we have our own pivate and direct access to the beautiful Chief Sealth Trail, where we can safely ride our scooters! We will build forts with sticks, make mud soup, look for mushrooms, and just enjoy being one with nature!



Understanding your child growth

We use a variety of tools to identify and record growth of your child. Observations, interactions, classroom activities and work, are recorded through the HighScope COR Advantage software to document the development of your child throughout the year.

It helps us to identify the growth that is taking place as your child plays, tries out new ideas, make plans, solves problems and makes new friends.

We hold a parent-teacher conference towards the end of the school year to share with you the progress and growth of your child through a complete family report.

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