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After-school Club 5-8y old

*Winter session: Wed. 01/11 to 03/15



Outdoor play in our big urban farm, art and crafts too! 

Scooter races, gardening, cooking, ...

Just a safe place for kids to be kids and play!

Snack provided.




Parents Night Out

Friday 12/16 5.30pm to 8.30pm


Enjoy an evening kid-free while our experienced preschool teacher watch your children and make sure they are having a blast! We will cook and feed them a healthy, natural, dinner, do some craft projects and then end up bundled up in our pajamas in front of a movie.
Open to every child 3 years old+, 10 kids max.

Price :

$35/1 child
$50/2 children
$60/3 children +

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