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Meet Our Director

Eléonore de Halleux

Teacher / Director

Eléonore de Halleux is a certified HighScope teacher through the Seattle Universal Pre-K program.

Eléonore de Halleux is a native French speaker born and raised in Belgium. Eléonore de Halleux holds a BA in Political Science : International Relations, from UCL (Universite Catholique de Louvain) but has always loved best to spend her time around kids! A girls scout chief for 5 years, she was planning and managing lots of activities as well as summer camps.

Eléonore believes every kid should be exposed to art so she volunteered to run an after school art club at a local elementary school as well as an art class. Eléonore was a preschool teacher at “Les Enfants de Seattle”. Eléonore leads all the activities in French, such as singing comptines (traditional French children's song) with the children. Eléonore loves kids so much that she has 4 of her own and can't wait to take care and teach your beautiful and bright children!

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